Beware of Humblebragging About Yourself

We all want to make a good impression on other people, whether it’s during a job interview, a meeting with a new client, or a first date. But our intuition about what creates a positive impression is often wrong. For example, “humblebragging” is a common way to respond to interview questions such as “What’s your greatest weakness?” (“I’m bad at saying no, so I end up helping other people too often.”) But researchers have found that humblebraggers are viewed as less   likeable than people who straightforwardly  brag or even people who complain. When someone humblebrags, he sounds   inauthentic, like he’s saying something strategic instead of something honest. We evaluate other people more positively when they try to be themselves, so the best strategy is just to be honest about yourself – even if what you’re being honest about is how great you are.
*Source: Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip of the Day.

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