Expand Your Network Beyond the Usual Players

We all know that a network is important for success, but few of us devote sufficient time to making it useful. If you leave things to chance, your network will be too inward-facing and not diverse enough. You need to learn to network outside your organization, team, and close connections. Here are some practical steps to start developing a stronger network:

  • Visit a start-up within your sector. Consider why incumbents rarely lead the way in new products and services.
  • Attend a new conference.
  • Start a LinkedIn or Facebook group.
  • Teach a course at a local college. Learn from your students.
  • Go to lunch with a peer from a competing company. Learn more about your market value.
  • Connect with someone you’ve lost track of. Ask this person to help you connect with someone new.

*Source: Adapted from Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip of the Day

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