A Healthy Lunch Can Fuel Better Productivity

What we eat affects our performance more than we realize. That’s why a poor decision at lunch can derail an entire afternoon. Foods like pasta, bread, cereal, and soda  give you a burst of energy, followed by a slump. And high-fat foods like cheeseburgers and BLTs make you groggy because your digestive system works harder to process them, reducing oxygen levels in the brain. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, contain vital nutrients that can motivate and energize you, as well as improve memory and enhance  mood. To eat healthier and accomplish more work in the afternoons, make your eating decisions before you get hungry. Eat smaller, more frequent meals to avoid spikes and drops in blood sugar, which are bad for productivity. And make healthy snacking easier; place some almonds, protein bars, or fruit by your computer, rather than a bag of chips.
*Source: Adapted from Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip of the Day
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