The Safe Way to Disagree with Your Boss

You should be able to express your views  openly and honestly, but it can be tricky to disagree with your boss. You have to express dissent effectively. First, before you disagree, have a conversation about how to handle disagreements when they arise. It helps to establish these practices when emotions are calm and stakes are low. Before disagreeing, assure your boss that you respect her and her position. Then help her see the bigger picture. Frame your argument in the context of a common objective to remind her that you’re working toward the same goals. Ask for permission to offer a differing view. For example, if you’re trying to express reservations about a decision, say, “I’d like to share a concern, but I’m worried it will sound like I am forgetting it’s your decision. I’m not. But I don’t think I’d be fully loyal if I didn’t share my perspective. May I?”
*Source: Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip of the Day
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