Make Good Writing a Part of Your Skill  Set

Good writers distinguish themselves at work. We write all the timeproposals to clients, memos to leaders, emails to colleagues – but we often don’t think about improving our writing. To communicate effectively, learn to write simply, clearly, and precisely. The mistake many people make is writing prematurely. They work out thoughts as they’re writing, which makes their argument unclear. Ask yourself: What should my audience know after reading this? Make your point up front, and don’t use three words when one is enough. For example, there’s no need to say “general consensus of opinion,” when “consensus” works. Similarly, avoid jargon. If you rely on   $10 words  too much, readers will think you don’t know what you’re saying. Avoid  terms  likeactionable,” “core competency,” “impactful,” and “incentivize.” And don’t be afraid to ask someone for feedback.
*Source: Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip of the Day
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