Educapro is pleased to announce the renewal of our collaboration with Solga Diamant. Solga Diamant is an international leader in the manufacture of diamond-based conctruction tolos. Here are some highlights from the Solga Diamant web page at

  • Solga Diamant was founded in 1958 taking position in the market as a leader company in research and development in all kind of diamond tools.
  • The manufacturing process is plannified and controlled with detail, using the latest technology in the sector.
  • Solga researchs and develops day by day offering the best products in terms of quality and performance.
  • Furthermore, we use the best raw materials in the market in all our products.
  • We have one of the most advanced technology factory in Europe and a very modern laboratory.
  • All products are made with an exhaustive quality in all processes.
  • As a result of this continuous improvement we offer a great service in more than 50 countries with a big commercial network.
  • Its specialist technicians provides the best advices and knowledge about the products to work in the best way.
  • The trust and support received from our customers around the world encourage us to continue working in this way.

Educapro’s collaboration with Solga Diamant involves training in many different areas, from language development to assist them in their international marketing efforts, to desktop software application training for their office personnel, to soft skill training in communication and collaboration.
Many thanks to the Solga Diamant team and family for their many years of support and collaboration with Educapro.

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