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Tag: Quantum Gravity

Tag: Quantum Gravity

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A Brief and Intuitive Theory of Everything

Over the past century, physicists have transformed the human quest for truth into a concrete search for a so-called “theory of everything”.
Despite the unprecedented commitment of resources and brain power, physicists have not been able to come up with anything that either makes sense or is testable.
Our new course sets out to change this by unifying physics – both qualitatively and quantitatively – in a clear and testable way that has direct implications for everything that matters to humans.
This seemingly impossible task is accomplished by marrying two of the most promising mathematical frameworks to emerge from physics over the past several decades.
The first of these is known as the two-state vector formalism, according to which both the past and the future have a causal impact on the evolution of a quantum system.
The second framework is string theory, currently the most viable candidate for a theory of everything whose multiple dimensions and holography seem to defy human comprehension.
These two frameworks are brought together and used to conjecture one of the most startling and consequential symmetries in the history of science.
The proposed symmetry not only unifies physics but also resolves some of the biggest open questions in philosophy, economics, and social science.
This fully-referenced course is delivered with eminent clarity using precise math that is borne out by experiment and by the well-established canon of mainstream physics.
Designed for experts in a style that is mindful of a general audience, this course is recommended for anybody who is eager to make definitive sense of the confusion that reigns at the cutting edge of theoretical physics and across the human landscape.
Follow the link for a free video preview of the course and take advantage of our discount price to pre-enroll today:
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