How tourism is recovering from the pandemic

How tourism is recovering from the pandemic

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Digitalisation, personalisation and talent will be the key points that would help Spain’s tourism sector revive from the devastating situation provoked by the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, President of the Tourism Board Juan Molas believes.

Molas’ comments came during the meeting held between various directors the ObservaTUR Zoom “which set the beginning of the sector’s recovery in April.” Many of the directors believe that new technologies will be essential in recovering the tourism industry, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

“We must definitely think about D-day. This will be at the beginning of April. There will be a recovery, yes, or yes, I have absolute confidence in it. First of all, we have to believe it ourselves, either because there will be a vaccine or because the tests at origin and destination will work,” the President of the Tourism Board has pointed out during the meeting.

Molas said that before this date, the tourism industry must prepare itself.  He stressed that the authorities at first would have to analyse the world air scene, particularly the European one.

“We have to arrive on 1 April prepared. We have the flu in the form of a political, economic and social crisis and that cannot be cured with ibuprofen. It can be cured with direct surgery, and this means we must continue to insist that urgent measures are taken, such as more financing, tax reductions and VAT reductions,” he said.

According to him, it is essential to improve the authorities’ communication policy in the international market.

Besides the Tourism Board President, in the debate also have participated the commercial director of Amadeus in Spain, David Vidal, the executive director of AON, Katia Estace, the general director of Viajes Carrefour Adolfo García Serrano as well as many other representatives of the tourism sector.

Based on the figures published by El Pais, revenues in the tourism sector have decreased by 75 per cent, while the country received fewer than 20 million international visitors during the last year.

In August, Spain’s Government Guarantee Line allocated 14,445.4 million financial support for 111,080 tourism companies, in order to help self-employed and companies recover from the Coronavirus pandemic situation.

Source: www.schengenvisainfo.com

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