Nuestra Filosofía

Aristotle: “For the things that we have to learn before doing them, we learn by doing them”.

With this sentence, Aristotle gave birth to a philosophy of education and a philosophy of learning with a long and illustrious history. Today, this philosophy is frequently called “experimental learning”. Experimental learning is comprised of learning through a process of reflecting about doing.  At EISM, this idea, in combination with our scientific research, is the heart of what we do. It constitutes the central value of our contribution to our customers and to society.

This concept of “reflecting about doing” has had a profound impact on the history of Western Civilization and on the birth of the scientific method.  It has had a large impact through the work of people like John Dewey and many other educators. A small indication of this can be seen in the wide-ranging success of the “Case Method”. The case method is based on the idea that people learn more when we  do things – and when we reflect and converse about what we are doing – then when we are confronted with purely theoretical models.  Obviously, both types of learning have their rightful place. However, at EISM, one of these methods of learning has a special place: experimental and intuitive learning.