Our Activity

We are authors of the definitive management book and a brief and intuitive theory of everything. These books make us pioneers in the science of management. We work with universities and companies from a great variety of industries to maximize human potential through a better understanding of science in general and of physics in particular.

We’re able to do this using an innovative business model through which we offer a number of seminars and learning solutions in the areas that are most relevant for today’s world. Download our catalogue by clicking here.

EISM continues to grow thanks to the trust that our customers place in us and in our mission.

We seek to have an impact

We seek to make an impact and we will do so through our conviction about one thing: effective leadership requires sacrifice. Read more about us here.

We beleive in markets

We will change the world through our commitment to to do just that. We believe in the market of ideas and we are eager to compete. Read more about us here.

Management Fundamentals

Our Philosophy: «Things that we have to learn to do before we do them, we learn by doing them.”

“We’ve worked with EISM for several years and we are very happy.”

Mike Ochavo
Territory Director , Nike