About Us

EISM (pronounced /ā/-sŭm) is the acronym for the «European Institute of Science in Management». We research, publish and deliver training on the scientific foundations of effective management. We are authors of «The Definitive Management Book» and «A Brief and Intuitive Theory of Everything», both of which elaborate on the mathematical link we theorize to exist between fundamental physics and the effective management of human beings.

In our 10 years of experience, we have delivered a wide range of seminars and training at more than 150 companies and universities in Europe.

Our Logo

Our logo is a Poincaré conformal disk modeled after the work of M.C. Escher. It is also a mathematical representation of the so-called «dS/dS correspondance». Among other things, the dS/dS correspondence conjectures the symmetry and holography that characterizes the universe at the most fundamental level. (Dong, Silverstein, and Torroba, 2018).

Our Mission

Our mission is to research and disseminate the scientific foundations of effective management.

Competitive Cooperation

Our Vision

Competition: We believe free market competition is the key to human flourishing.

Cooperation: We believe the most important free market is the market for cooperation.

Measurement: We believe that competitive cooperation should be measured and rewarded.

Our Values

Our values serve as a bulwark and guarantee that we will accomplish our mission:

Reason: we are an organization with ideas and solutions that are rigorously backed by science.

Coherence: In our science and in our values, we are impatient with conflicts of principle.

Integrity: amid the complexities of human interaction, we have the courage to be direct and honest.

Excellence: We are relentless in our never-ending pursuit of clarity and simplicity.